“Organic Regenerative Agriculture is a way of live.”

It is such a basic concept that modern agriculture has not been able to accept, operating according to a principle that destroys our ecosystem.

It is paradoxical to destroy in order to produce. Yet this is what happens to the soil, every time it is worked in view of a new sowing, interrupting the processes necessary for our well-being, such as carbon sequestration.

Over time we realized that “not doing” was the only way to do it. Not working the land meant regenerating the most important part, giving life to healthy products for our tavern.

That our animals, in addition to producing local cheeses and eggs, with their pasture are an inexhaustible resource for our farm.

Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed.

podere rigenerativo
podere rigenerativo
podere rigenerativo
podere rigenerativo

Regenerative Farm

“Everything starts from here and everything evolves from here.”

Eight hectares. Four olive varieties: Leccino, Moraiolo, Frantoio, Coratina. Three “generations” of olive trees: the “centenarians”, planted well before Agostino Arduino Bartoli, Fabrizio’s grandfather, decided to buy these lands in the 1950s. The “adults”, planted by Agostino himself, and the “little ones”, planted by us in 2016.

In the last year we have planted over 500 fruit trees, including ancient native varieties of Castagneto-Bibbona, this forest of tall trees, in addition to protecting our crops, is the ideal habitat for pollinators and antagonistic insects. that operate in place of pesticides, contributing to the well-being of all our products.

Everything starts from here and everything evolves from here. Our dishes are born from the raw material, enhancing it. A bit like in the past, we cook what the earth gives us at that precise time of the year, season after season.

Regenerative agricolture principles

Organic regenerative agriculture means:

  • Soil regeneration by promoting soil fertilization with minerals, natural organic and microbiological parts, reactivating natural cycles through the combined action of non-destructive agricultural practices, which imply the reduction of tillage and the implementation of biological nutritional techniques aimed at protecting the biological richness of the soil.
  •  Preserve and increase the biodiversity of ecosystems, creating hospitable environments for living species that contribute to biological vitality, such as earthworms under the ground and pollinators of trees and plants.
  • The integration of the extensive breeding of grazing animals, essential for the proliferation and preservation of the soil.
  • Reverse climate change with low environmental impact agriculture, which promotes essential natural processes such as carbon sequestration.
  • For us it also means self-production and energy autonomy, with particular attention to waste and the internal reuse of waste.


Evo Oil

We are from Bolgheri and Bolgheri has always meant wine. Yet the Maremma has another protagonist that is slowly rediscovering itself in the Tuscan gastronomic reality: extra virgin olive oil.


For us it is the fulcrum of everything: of our cuisine, of food in general. It is authentic, pure and has various organoleptic properties that make it a healthy and inevitable food in a balanced diet.


We start from a maniacal work in the field to get to the collection of fruits that have a perfect degree of ripeness according to the various cultivars we harvest, discarding the olive trees that have had problems during ripening to collect only the best olives.

At the time of collection we have a few but simple rules:


  • ORGANIC since 2018, our entire supply chain is certified BIO.
  • MILLING IN 4 HOURS the first olive that falls must, and is crushed, in a maximum of 4 hours.
  • TIMELY HARVEST to ensure that all the olives, harvested for each cultivar, are processed in their optimal degree of ripeness.
  • CULTIVAR COLLECTION AND STORAGE FOR CULTIVAR We never mix the collections of two or more different cultivars because, for example, the optimum maturation of the leccino is not the same as that of the moraiolo.

Each cultivar has its own life and we treat it as a single entity

collecting it at the best time.


  • Batch by batch filtering after harvesting, we are very careful not to damage the “green gold” we have produced in any way; we filter every single batch (therefore twice a day) in order not to allow the oxidation processes of the oil to be triggered by the residues that are present in the unfiltered oil.
  • STORAGE AND CONSERVATION UNDER INERT GAS the absolute best way to preserve the oil and the only way that completely isolates the product from possible oxidation starts.

Like the grapevine, the olive tree also has different varieties, each of which has a unique flavor and aroma. Like pure wine, our oil is monocultivar. Three different cultivars, three unique products, each of which reflects a certain range of flavors and aromas such as to make the oil a real ingredient of the dish and not just a condiment.

Ardito – monocultivar Frantoio

Color Golden yellow and warm green notes. The nose opens complex and broad, characterized by elegant hints of artichoke. The taste is delicately harmonious with tones of fresh wild herbs; bitter and spicy content, balance at the end.

Nilo – monocultivar Moraiolo

At sight it has a golden yellow color. The nose opens elegant and decisive, rich in green notes of artichoke. The taste is complex, characterized by wide vegetal tones. Bitter and spicy decided that close in harmony.

Sincero – monocultivar Leccino

At sight it has a golden yellow color, the nose is fruity and complex, characterized by vegetal notes of herbs and hints of dried fruit. The taste is fruity, harmonious and elegant, rich in sweet notes, with bitter and spicy content.

Podere Arduino products

L’orto in Barattolo

The vegetable garden in the jar, as we call it, is our way of always being with you, even on your tables.

Every year we reserve a part of our harvest for transformation into gardener, preserves, sauces, creams, jams, and also for the preservation of legumes and vegetables in their natural state.

All the products, in addition to being an integral part of our kitchen, can also be found on the shelves of our shop, made in symbiosis with the harvest and with the fruits that the farm gives us.

Lista Prodotti

Extra Jam of: Peach; Apricot; Plums; Spicy Melon; Strawberries and Mint; Orange, Apple and Pink Pepper; Pears and Chocolate; Spicy Pepper and Green Tomatoes.

Creams: Babaganoush, Tahini, Peanut Butter, Hazelnuts and Chocolate.

Salty: Monocultivar Olives in Oil, Artichokes in Oil, Giardiniera, Caramelized Onions, Pommarola “5 Tomatoes”, Natural Cecina, Tuscan Soup.


“Studiamo e sperimentiamo ogni giorno per ottenere prodotti di grande qualità seguendo una sola regola:

Rispettare il ciclo naturale della nostra terra.”

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