“Regeneration is expressed in everything we do.”

Podere Arduino was born on the Via Bolgherese under the influence of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Tuscan hills.

From the land to the kitchen, all the raw materials are entirely cultivated and produced in the Podere, and transformed into the dishes of the Osteria Ancestrale thanks to fire, a real strength of our vegetarian cuisine. 

“We are Martina and Fabrizio, he is the mountain, I am the sea.”

We want to make you participate, and more and more aware.

This is the place where nature has resumed its times in view of a better future.

Welcome to Arduino Bolgheri.



Ancestral Tavern

The Ancestral Osteria as the maximum expression of the union between land and cuisine, what we call a

“Regenerative Farm To Table Experience”.

A place where the fruits of the earth meet the power of another natural element: that of fire, and its infinite modes of expression, capable of transforming vegetables into real explosions of taste thanks to rudimentary and innovative cooking techniques.

“Dining at Arduino is renewing oneself with the essentials, traveling through time and space with a cuisine that is good for us, and for the surrounding world.”



Regenerative Farm

Eight hectares of land kissed by the sun, four varieties of olive trees: Leccino, Moraiolo, Frantoio, Coratina.

Our regeneration starts from here, as from the vineyard in timid expansion, and from our animals, which with grazing regenerate the soil preparing it for a new cultivation, replacing the work of man.
It starts from us, who are constantly looking for ideas, recipes, and technologies that can bring back to earth what he gave us at the start.

“Ours is a philosophy projected towards the future, thanks to which evolution is possible.
This is our regenerative farm.”



Bolgheri Green

“Where we started from, and step by step, evolved. A container. Two, to be honest. This is how Bolgheri Green was born.

The products of our land are also the protagonists at the Bolgheri green Lunch Bistrot, as well as in the Farmer’s Bar’s vegetarian Platters and Tapas.