Osteria Ancestrale eng
Osteria Ancestrale eng

Ancestral Tavern

The Ancestral Osteria as the maximum expression of the union between land and cuisine, what we call a

"Regenerative Farm To Table Experience".

Ours is a culinary of the five senses.The dishes of the Osteria tell us the story of a vegetable and the place where it was born. They tell about our travels, childhood memories, and the people we met. They remind us of distant places and ancient cultures, which we feel are part of us.Perfume, sight, hearing, touch and taste; stimulated in unison by smells that translate into visual images, flavors that turn into memories, experiences that deserve to be shared. 

"Flavors that translate into visual images"

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    Fabrizio Bartoli

    Matter, simplicity, linearity.Here are the main ingredients of my dishes, where texture and taste intertwine in a balance of contrasting elements: sweet and spicy, dry and fresh, acid and fat.Dining at the Osteria is a sensory journey and a discovery of vegetarian cuisine through the awakening of primordial sensations."Random not random" , recreate in the dish a randomness studied in which all the chromatic parts, flavors and aromas are perfectly balanced.Here is our experimental vegetarian cuisine.   

    the fire

    "Inspiration came from a personal challenge."

    That of fire, as the main cooking method of the Ancestral Osteria, a real strength of our vegetarian cuisine.

    In our 'Osteria we sew on flame, on embers, or under the latter. Different techniques That I had already encountered in many of my travels, where food was cooked in the street on rudimentary grills, simple food with a unique flavor. 

    And here in our kitchen come those marinatings, sauces and spices fresh or dried, and cooking techniques that enhance our vegetables and everything that is produced in the Farm. 

    The difficulty lies in finding the right combination that makes dishes accompanied by continuous experimentation work, which fully express our "farm to table" philosophy.

    "We study and experiment every day to obtain high quality products following only one rule:

    Respect the natural cycle of our land."

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